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Special Diets

I get a lot of questions about whether my products are appropriate for people with various dietary restrictions. Here’s a run down of how Love Plus Flour items may or may not fit your needs:

  • Kosher
    Everything I make is 100% kosher, from the products to the process. Moreover, everything is pareve (non-dairy). None of the items I sell have any dairy in them, even when the product name or description includes words like “cream”, “milk”, “butter”. My facility is overseen by Rabbi Mordechai Kaplovitz, Reliable Kashrus of Cleveland. You can see my certificate of kashrut on the Hashgacha page.
  • Non-Dairy
    As mentioned above, everything I make is 100% non-dairy.
  • Vegan
    SOME of my items are vegan. Refer to the chart below to see which ones.
  • Nut-free
    Because only a small number of my products contain nuts, it’s easier to tell you which have them than which don’t. That said, I do make things with nuts from time to time. I do a thorough cleaning of my workspace before and after preparing those products. It depends on a person’s sensitivity as to whether this is good enough, and I take no offense if someone is uncomfortable buying from me for this reason.
  • Gluten-free
    A handful of my products are what I would call “gluten friendly”, meaning they have no gluten in their recipe. That said, this is a bakery and flour gets EVERYWHERE. I do my best to clean up before preparing these items but, as with the nut-free items above, a person should exercise their own judgement when ordering.

Here’s a list of items and their status with regard to vegan, nuts, and gluten:

ProductVegan?Contains Nuts?Gluten Friendly?
banana walnut loafY
bearclaw (apricot)Y
bearclaw (raspberry)Y
bread, french bread (any form)Y
bread, water challah (any size)Y
cake, cake bucketsome flavors
cake, sheet cakesome flavors
cake, standard cake (any size)some flavors
cheesecake samplerY
cinnamon palmierY
cookie, chineseY
cookie, choc. chip shortbreadY
cookie, meringueY
cookie, peanut butterY
cookie, pecan sandieY
cookie, sprinkle butterY
cookie, turtleY
cookie, walnut raisinY
hot cocoa bombY
kugel, broccoliY
kugel, cranberry appleY
muddy buddiesYY
muffin, chocolate cappuccino hazelnutY
muffin, chocolate chip hazelnutY
muffin, cinnamon pecanY
muffin, cinnamon swirlY
muffin, date nutY
muffin, white chocolate cranberryY
pastry tray (16″ size)Y
rice krispie treat, autumnY
rice krispie treat, snowflakeY
rice krispie treat, tu b’avY
shalach manot, largeY
shalach manot, jumboY
shooter, apple pieY
shooter, blueberry pieY
shooter, cherry pieY
shooter, peach pieY
tea biscuitsY
turnovers (apple)Y
turnovers (blueberry)Y
turnovers (cherry)Y
turnovers (mixed berry)Y