French Bread Bowls


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These “french bread bowls”are an item that you don’t find in other neighborhood bakeries. The best thing about the soup (besides the soup itself, of course) is dipping some challah into it to get all those flavors together. The rest of your guests around the table have the same idea, and before you know it, all the challah is gone.

Bread bowls fix that problem because… wait for it… the bowl is made of bread! I KNOW, RIGHT? The hard outer crust of the french bread keeps the soup from seeping out, while the inner part of the bread is just the right texture and flavor to enhance any soup, from a traditional chicken broth with noodles to a thick pumpkin squash and even beef barley.
(Pro Tip: It’s also a great way to serve cholent!)
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Sukkot Thursday 10/5, Sukkot Thursday 9/28